Moving Services España

We are a company for transport and moving of furniture and luggage. We have an experienced team of professionals who carefully and responsibly will move your belongings from address to address. We are proud of the fact that we offer express and safe transport at remunerative prices. In case that you need to move your home or office – your most correct and logical choice would be to look for our services. We are a fast growing company and we are also working with many subcontractors.

This gives us the advantage to react adequately and rapidly to each request made for relocation of furniture and household belongings from and to any point in the United Kingdom. We guarantee for the highest standard of service from our movers. We enjoy an extremely high respect and trust from the customers who have used our services. We work without a day off.

In addition to the moving we offer also many additional services in support of our customers.

We pack and unpack the furniture and luggage. We carry out disassembly and assembly of furniture if needed. We provide comfort and peace for our customers during the entire process of moving. We carry out also cleaning of offices, residential dwellings, cellars, ceilings and yards. We move out and dispose of with our transport old and unnecessary furniture, equipment and garden waste.

The moving out of the home is a labor intensive and unpleasant task. It requires careful planning, preparation of the luggage, packing. The most important thing you need to do in case that you are going to move out of the home or part thereof is to turn on time to the professionals in the transport and movement. Your choice of a suitable company is determining whether everything will go smoothly and quickly or the moving of the furniture and luggage will bring you headaches and problems. In order to avoid incorrect movers and high prices you can contact us. We offer the highest standard of service, privacy, responsiveness and remunerative prices. We will help you for the packaging of the belongings and for the disassembly and assembly of the furniture if this is necessary. We will do the moving from start to end – professionally, carefully and safely. Contact us for consultation and inspection.

Transport – Transport services in Spain and the UK. Express and affordable transportations with vans and trucks.

Private – Moving of furniture, luggage, equipment and personal belongings. Packaging and delivery. Disassembly and assembly of furniture.

Office – Moving of office equipment. Professional packing, loading, transport and unloading.

Cleaning – Cleaning of homes, yards, cellars and ceilings of old furniture, technique and waste. Transportation to a landfill.

Private movings – Moving out of a residential dwelling is frustrating, laborious and tedious process. But everybody need to go through this test at least once in his/her life. In the first place you have to make careful planning of the costs and time required for the moving of the property. Packing, disassembly of the furniture, transport, loading and unloading and so on. Everything must be properly planned and consistent with your possibilities. The most adequate approach in this case is to seek for professionals in the moving. One good solution is to contact our company. We will make your moving an easy and trouble-free task. We will deliver packing materials for your luggage, we will disassemble and pack your furniture, carefully and responsibly we will take care for the loading of your property and its delivery to your new address. Leave all cares and worries to us. The moving out of your home will turn into satisfaction from the change in your life, without stress and cares about the process of moving. Contact us and become part of the hundreds of our satisfied clients in London. Office moving – Every company in the process of its development reaches up to the moment when it is necessary to move into a new larger office or such with a better location. The employees of the company can sort, arrange and prepare the documentation but the moving itself is a process which must be carried out by professionals. If you decide to contact us for assistance upon the moving we will guarantee you the following:

The packaging, loading, transportation and unloading will be carried out expressly. Not a single document will disappear or be damaged. The disassembly and assembly of the furniture will be carried out professionally. There will be no damaged or broken equipment or technique. The price for the entire moving will not burden the budget of your company. We are not the largest company for transportation and moving, but we are responsible, careful and correct. And this is enough in order for you to remain satisfied with our services. Anyone who have trusted us was not wrong.

Transportation waste – Our movers carry out safe and express transportation of old furniture and unnecessary equipment. We will transport, secure and recycle your unnecessary commercial and household furniture, sofas, chairs, tables, beds, living room furniture, kitchen furniture, garden furniture and household appliances. We will clean thoroughly your garage, shelter, ceiling, cellar or garden if this is necessary. We will collect, pack and transport your unnecessary household waste. For us there is no day off. Call us and order cleaning and transportation.