Handyman Services España

We are a qualified supplier of all kinds of handymen and maintenance services, repair and rehabilitation of residential buildings. We work within España. Over the years our team has been growing, and the volume and spectrum of our activities has increased. We work with passion and expertise with the primary objective our company to become a symbol of responsibility and professionalism in the field of handymen services for the citizens of Madrid,Barcelona,Valencia,Sevilla,Bilbao,Alicante and other cities.

We are not yet the biggest and most popular company, but the quality of our activities is in no way inferior to our competition. There is no desire of our client or task that we can not fulfill. We do free inspections and consulting. Each of our regular customers can rely on special promotions and discounts. Our professionals are experienced and qualified. We work with zeal and guaranteed quality to content everyone who has sought our help. We give but also accept advice and opinions different from ours. We try to fulfill strictly and accurately the requirements and instructions of people who have sought our services. Together with them we find the right solution for every problem and situation arising, in the remedy of breakdowns, emergency or planned repairs. We work with serenity and confidence in our abilities.

We deal with all challenges. Our main specialty are cleaning services, maintenance of property, repair and restoration activities in homes and commercial buildings and moving of furniture, luggage, appliances and equipment with our transport to and from addresses in Valencia,Madrid,Barcelona,Alicante and so on. We are a Spanish company for maintenance and repair of houses, offices and commercial buildings. Around the clock and without a day off we work to serve the citizens. Qualified and experienced staff for any emergency or planned repair.

Installation and removal of air conditioners. Routine maintenance, cleaning and regular maintenance. Experienced and skilled craftsmen. Every day. All types of building services for your residential or commercial building. We perform minor or major building repairs with proven quality and reliability. Carpentry for any emergency or planned repair in your home. Warranty repairs. We have a team of specialists in the decoration that can cope with excellence with any interior or exterior painting. They can transform your home or office. Guaranteed professional results. For any emergency situation with your electric installation, contact our electricians who will respond instantly.

They will inspect and test your installation and remedy the problem most urgently. Our expert gardeners maintain professionally each entrusted to them garden. We also do one-off cleaning or restoration of any unkempt yard or green area. We do landscaping projects. Our handymen are ready around the clock to visit your home in urgent need of minor repair or restoration of electricity, plumbing and sewerage systems, installation, dismantling, repair the kitchen or bathroom. Guaranteed quality troubleshooting. Our masters successfully deal with every problem on the roofs. For emergency or planned repairs, elimination of leaks or complete replacement of roofs and gutters you can count on us. Our glaziers have long experience in dealing with all types of glass and windows.

They not only can replace and repair your old windows, but can deliver and install new ones. Professional and express cleaning and transportation of all types of waste from your home, office, basement, attic or garden. Our employees act responsibly and efficiently. Professional moving of homes and offices. Experienced movers and transport for transporting furniture, luggage, appliances and equipment. Accurate and correct.


Our handymen can be your faithful assistant in any situation difficult for you to handle. They can perform any emergency repair in your home, clean, take care of your pet. Our handymen will clean your garden, your home will be sprayed against pests, they will take out the trash and unwanted possessions.

All this can be real if you choose to contact us for help. Our employees are electricians, plumbers, carpenters, builders. They are qualified to carry out any activity that you are not able or willing to do. They are available every day, even on holidays. We refuse no service to our clients. Our prices are lower than the quality we offer. Contact us and give us the opportunity to care for your comfort and safety in your home.

Property maintenance

We cover the full range of emergency, preventive and planned maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. This includes the construction and maintenance of CCTV, expansion or restoration of your property, planning and carrying out repairs, remedy of breakdowns in electricity and plumbing installations, glazing, carpentry, gardening, cleaning, decoration.

All services in one place. Our specialists are competent and reliable.


Our craftsmen have years of experience and qualification in performing all types of building repairs. When a client contacted us, we make preliminary free survey and draw up an action plan. We are able to make large repairs and renovations in your home.

We will not refuse to restore separate rooms only, as a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or nursery. We will take care of delivery of materials and dispose of garbage after the completion of the reconstruction. We give guarantee for everything done by our masters.


We have reasons to believe that we provide cleaning services at a very high professional level. Under cleaning we  understand all aspects of this activity applicable in the home or office. Namely – dusting, cleaning carpets, cleaning windows, cleaning upholstery, cleaning floors, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning up after repairs, collection and disposal of waste, one-off or subscription cleaning, etc.

We guarantee perfect accomplishment of our tasks. We work only with experienced and loyal employees. One-off and subscription cleaning of the home on a pre-assigned by the customer list on what to clean. Reasonable prices. We work with professional and environmental products. Cleaning homes, offices, gardens, commercial and industrial areas of all types of waste. Collection and transportation to specialized landfills. Express and profitably we will relieve you of all construction waste, old furniture, unnecessary equipment and belongings. Professional cleaning of bathrooms.

Washing and disinfection inside and outside toilets, bathtubs, showers and sinks. Washing, waxing and polishing tiles, countertops, mirrors, windows, showers. Environmental preparations for perfect results. Thorough cleaning of kitchens. Dusting of counters, tables and chairs. Scouring the oven and appliances in the kitchen. Wiping the floor. Perfect hygiene after our intervention. All other cleaning activities we perform individually or as part of a general cleaning of the house, according to the customer’s request. We use only professional products and equipment.